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About Fares

Our Hand Carry / On Board Courier fee is consists of Air Ticket fee, Ground Service and Flyer Fee.  Ground Service and Flyer Fee are fixed by destination areas.
  • In the case, custom fee and stay expense are not necessary, only two fees above are the fares for your Hand Carry / On Board Courier.
  • Customers pay other expense only in necessary cases separately.  Our services can avoid your wasting costs.
  • No instant / express fee
  • As we charge and show air ticket fare separately, you can also provide it from your reliable agent.  We do not charge any cost on it.
  • Private individuals can also apply our services.
<SEIKEI SERVICE (THAILAND) Co.,Ltd. Hand Carry/On Board Courier Fee Contents>
* Fees that Ground Service and Flyer Fee exclude and Stay Fee are charged only in necessary cases.
* All fees are subject yo Thailand VAT (Value Added Tax) 7%.

    Actual Air ticket fee

 We buy the best air ticket for Hand Carry / On Board Courier service for the day.  We do not charge any     commissions on its air ticket.

    Ground Service and Flyer Fee  *The case from Bangkok

  • A round trip transportation fee from City of Bangkok to Suvarnabhumi Airport or Don Muang Airport
  • Communication fee
* The following fares are also the same. 
Our stuff from Bangkok pick up goods in another airport abroad ⇒ Bangkok, Picking up goods in Japan on the way ⇒North America. 

For other third country delivery, please contact us.
<Ground Service and Flyer Fee>
    Asia Short Haul
    THB19,000 (USD579 @THB32.82)

    Asia Long Haul
THB21,000 (USD640 @THB32.82)

    THB33,000 (USD1,005 @THB32.82)

THB38,000 (USD1,157 @THB32.82)

    Ground Service and Flyer Fee exclude

  • Consigned custom Tax for Hand Carry/On Board Courier services.
  • VISA fee
  • The case: Air Ticket does not include airport tax.
  • Excess baggage charge
  • The case: delivery destination is not Airport.

    Day Charge, Hotel and Transportation Fees

  • If Air ticket shows the duration between the arrival time of Way and departure time of Return flight is over 7 hours, we charge USD60 as Day Charge.
  • If a flyer has to stay over night, we add USD120/night for a hotel and transportation.  Hotel fee can be more in some High Price areas like in N.Y. in the U.S..