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Order / Cancel

  • Call us whenever before you decide or not.
  • We do our best efforts/solutions till time limits.
  • In emergency, please call our mobile below.
<Bangkok Office>
(+66) 02- 644- 8283
(+66) 084- 548- 1147(Mobile)

<Tokyo Office>
Office locates in West Ocean Handcarry
(+81) 03- 6403- 4730
(+81) 080- 9995- 3633(Mobile)


Tell us below information please.
  1. Destination city, country and delivery place
  2. Date and time to be delivered
  3. Date, time and place we pick up your goods
  4. Goods description and its use
  5. Approximate Invoice value
  6. Numbers of baggage and approximate widths
※ We handle up to 10 baggage per one person.  The total linear dimensions for each piece of baggage shall not exceed 203 cm (80 in.) derived by adding the height, width and length.   Each piece must not weigh more than 32 kg (50 lbs.).

After the flight schedule is fixed, please download Order Sheet from our Download page, fill up and send it to us.
※ Please keep updating your baggae information and prepare 3 sets of fixed Invoice and Packing List before we pick up your baggages.


  • Call us as soon as possile please.
  • We do not charge any fee before issuing ticket.
  • After ticketing, you must pay actual cost for cancellation.
<Bangkok Office>
(+66) 084- 648- 1147 (Mobile)

<Tokyo Office>
(+81) 080- 9995- 3633 (Mobile)