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Service Policy


① Applicant and Payer must be the same.
② We limit the baggages can be transported with the followings per person. 
・ The total linear dimensions for each piece of baggage shall not exceed 203 cm (80 in.) derived by adding the height, width and length.
・ Each piece must not weigh more than 32 kg (50 lbs.). 
・ Up to  10 baggages
③ For transporter's safety, we may check contents of baggages under tour permission.
④ When over 1,000USD expenses will be expected for each Excess Bagagge Charge and Custom Tax, pease put deposit in advance or prepare at Airport.
⑤ Customers have to make payment in Thai Baht caluclated from exchange rate when expense is other currencies.
⑥ Upon the thought of on time delivery and for easiness of transferring to another carrier in case of flight cancellation, we basically do not use LCC (Low Cost Carrier).
⑦ Sometimes unexpected things will happen at  customes.  They come from an officer's personal view or their country's circumstances.  If your Invoice value exceeds Small Lot Import/Export limit of each country, please arrange your custom broker you use at Airport. 
⑧ In case we cannot make custom clearnace, we provide you Bonded Sheet, and it becomes our work completion.
⑨ Seikei Service (Thailand) Co., Ltd. is not liable for items listed below. 
・Actual baggage is totally different from Invoice.
・Lost, damaged baggages by Airline Company or by an third party
・Flight delay, cancel, accident not by Seikei Service (Thailand) Co., Ltd.
⑩ We also do not own any liabilities for followings:
Bad weather, Upheaval, Conflict, War, Authority's instruction, Cases due to force majeure or others.